2019 Highlights: Accenture Global Demo Award, Certified Scrum Master, Technology Architect Certificate, Data Science and ML Certificates

SEADS (Intelligent IoT for Energy Monitoring)

SEADS Android App

SEADS BlockChain Integration


  • Status and challenges of residential and industrial non-intrusive load monitoring
    A Adabi, P Mantey, E Holmegaard, MB Kjaergaard
  • SEADS: A modifiable platform for real time monitoring of residential appliance energy consumption
    A Adabi, P Manovi, P Mantey
  • PhD Dissertation: Economical Real-Time Energy Management For Microgrids Via Nilm And With User Decision Support
    A Adabi
  • M.S. Thesis Toward a Social Graph Recommendation Algorithm: Do We Trust Our Friends in Movie Recommendations?
    A Adabi, L de Alfaro
  • ElbowQuad: Thrust Vectoring Quadcopter
    Trieste Devlin, Ryan Dickerhoff, Kevin Durney, Aidan Forrest, Pattawong Pansodtee, Ali Adabi, Mircea Teodorescu
  • Cost-effective instrumentation via NILM to support a residential energy management system
    A Adabi, P Manovi, P Mantey
Date Talk Location
Winter 2018 Deep Learning AI applications in IoT and Grid Optimization Course UCSC
Spring 2018 IoT Case Studies in Power System Advanced topics in Controls UCSC
Fall 2017 SEADS Cross Sympossium UCSC
Fall 2014 Grid Operating system California Public Utility Commission
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UCSC Competition

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