Dr. Ali Adabi

Ali Adabi is a lecturer at UCSC, he holds a Ph.D. and M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from UCSC, and a B.S. degree from UC Berkeley in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Ali has four years of teaching experience at UCSC working with 100s of students.

As a lecturer at University of California Santa Cruz, he teaches the senior design class CMPE129C. He has broad knowledge across different areas of electrical engineering and computer science. He is a Founder at a start up and is very passionate about doing applicable research in systems that could benefit the society and that is why he joined CITRIS. His PhD project SEADS has recently won the Tech Crunch SF and NSF award. He also has industry experience and worked at Intel, Tivo, and PlayStation.




  • Created SEADS (Smart Energy Analytic Disaggregation System) SEADS System
  • Founded CruzAI which applies AI to home Internet of Things CruzAI
  • Led a team of 20 accross 6 teams iOS & Android & Backend & Web Front End & Machine Learning


  • Analyzed skew statistics in all server processor units
  • Implemented a clock tree sizing tool, that was used extensively to optimize clock trees by sizing the circuit for reducing the dynamic power


  • Designed and developed a real-time personalized advertising system
  • Implemented scalable machine learning recommendation algorithms on top of Hadoop
  • Analyzed data using Weka, R, and Matlab


  • Developed a secure system for enabling interactions between various applications such as Netflix, VPN, etc. using embedded C++ and C
  • Designed and demonstrated a secure way for key value communications and storage between Netflix server and TiVo box